Black and Ivy Markers Image The Markers are available blank, with numbers, or with letters and doubled sided for your convenience. The double sided feature provides the extra benefit of long lasting durability. The numbered or lettered markers can be used to identify shooting stations, or machines on a 5-stand or sporting clay course. The blank Markers can be used to display menus written directly on the Markers. Pens included.

The Markers have an 11” long spike so it can be driven securely into the ground. There is also a 1.4” hole near the top, for hanging ease.


Material: 3/16” steel, powder coated Dimensions: 10-1/2”W x 11-1/2”H Spike = 1”W x 11”L Overall Height – 23” Weight: 7 Lbs. Letters/Numbers: 10” H

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