Gun Rester

Black and Ivy Gun Rester Image Everybody has a gun rack. So why need another?

Is the Rack you currently own exceptional enough to hold even your PRIZED shotgun?

You can throw together a gun rack with a couple of 2’ x 4’s, a cable spool, or from bailing wire and duct tape, but…

  • Will it fall over if you put more than 2 guns in it?
  • Will it scratch the beautiful finish on your prized gun?
  • Will your clumsy shooting partner stumble into the rack and kick your gun to the ground?
  • Will continued exposure to sunshine, rain, snow, and blowing dirt, cause your rack to continually apart every year?
  • Is the rack too small to hold ALL the guns for your squad?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then you need a “GUN RESTER”.

The Gun Rester’s hefty 14ga steel, powder coated construction, coupled with a wide stance assures a secure residence for your PRIZED SHOTGUN.

The butt of your gun is held 6” above the ground and protected from arrant contact and dirt, and the barrel is softly cradled in a rubber slot. All of these features result in a secure location for your gun.


Dimensions 43”W x 43”L x 42”H
Material 14ga steel, powder coated
Barrel Rest 1/2” neoprene rubber
Capacity 14 Shot Guns
Weight 80 Lbs.

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