Trap Trolley

Black and Ivy Trap Trolley Image The Trap Trolley is a two wheeled wagon designed specifically as a stable platform for mounting and transporting clay target machines used on sporting or 5-stand courses. It includes a battery box and mount, to store and protect the battery, a bracket for mounting the machine controller, and the receiver for the Wireless Pickle.

The three adjustment legs allow the course setter tremendous flexibility and ease of setting creative target presentations. Target presentations can be quickly and easily altered to simulate nature positions and “Something New” for shooters.

The tow bar allows the Trap Trolley to be easily moved around the course with an ATV. Also with the rear hitch, multiple Trap Trolleys can be “Daisy Chained” together.


Chassis Width - 36”
Chassis Length - 36”
Over All Length (including tow bar) - 59”
Over All Width (outside of tires) - 44”
Tires – Flat Free - 4.1” x 12”
Chassis Material - 14Ga. Steel, powder coated
Battery Box - ABS Plastic for Group 27 Size Battery

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