Wireless Pickle

Our Wireless Pickle is the premier wireless target release system available on the market today.

  • Counts Targets
  • 256 Different Fields
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Voice Release (solo shooting or competitive skeet)
  • Selectable multi-target release
  • Compatibility with skeet, 5-stand/sporting clays

The Wireless Pickle is a radio frequency device that replaces the pull cord and 100% eliminates maintenance problems associated with control cords. It offers the user greater flexibility for arrangement of clay target machines or shooting stations on sporting clay or five-stand courses, without having to deal with control cords.

The Wireless Pickle includes the ability to count every target thrown. The Gun Club will have greater control of target inventory, improved control of costs, and appropriately charge customers for the targets they actually shoot. Target counting is included with every system whether used on skeet, sporting clays, five-stand, or FITASC. An additional benefit is that a puller will not be required to accompany the shooters to control target usage. This not only frees pullers for other duties, or eliminates them altogether; it results in additional cost control.

The Wireless Pickle controls skeet, sporting clays, five-stand, or FITASC venues, with models capable of controlling 3, 4, or 8 clay target machines from one Transmitter. The unique microprocessor based addressing system, and the state-of-the-art RF Transmitter and Receivers enable the Wireless Pickle to control clay target machines up to 150 yards away, without interference from ambient RF signals.

This unyielding design minimizes the requirement of line-of-sight between the Transmitter and the clay target machine Receivers, thus allowing the users to locate the clay target machine Receivers inside of skeet houses, inside of protective houses for sporting clay machines, behind trees or bushes, and with some limits, behind hills or in ditches. By using a Repeater, there is virtually no location that a clay target machine cannot be controlled.

The enclosures that contain the electronic components are all high quality materials that are waterproof; therefore, no additional protection is required, simplifying the installation.

We at Black & Ivy, Inc. are so confident in the design of the electronics of the Wireless Pickle, that we offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on the P.C. Boards.


The addresses in all Transmitters, Repeaters, and Receivers, are Club Management selectable to allow desired configurations to meet the needs of the customer's course layout, and provide flexibility. This system has 256 different field addresses.

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