About Us

Black & Ivy, Inc. began with an idea. Bob Blackwood had a passion for shooting and was fed up with the limitations and unreliability of available hardware. He finally had enough! Being an engineer, he took matters into his own hands and created a custom solution; The Wireless Pickle. A wireless control for shotgun sports was his first project and viewed three crucial aspects that the solution must:
  1. Work Every time in Every possible environment
  2. Have immediate and unquestionable support from the factory
  3. Be field repairable

Black and Ivy, Inc. is a company whose technical and management staff have collected over 60 years of experience in the electronics industry along with 30 years experience in shotgun sports.

The Wireless Pickle is a RF Control that has been 3 years in development and field testing, resulting in the most technologically advanced, highest quality wireless control for clay target presentations, by utilizing “Surface Mount” PC board technology, Environmentally Compatible Enclosures resulting in environmental, user friendly controls.