Universal Pickle - 8100 Assembly

Universal Pickle - 8100 Assembly If you are tired of the difficulty of cord repair, then the "Universal Pickle - 8100 Assembly" is the answer to your dilemma.

What is the "Universal Pickle - 8100 Assembly"?

  • It includes the "Universal Pickle" with all its features and benefits, a screw together connector, and 18 in cable.
  • If your current pull cord does not include a Winchester style button housing, this assembly includes it so you can use the "Universal Pickle."
  • It accommodates pull cord replacement WITHOUT have to open up the button housing; this will result in a LONGER "Universal Pickle" life.
  • Being able to separate the button assembly from the pull cord, makes pull cord troubleshooting easier.
  • Do you have EXTREME CONDITIONS in which your pull cords must operate? For instance; high humidity, salt air, high moisture, fire ants, etc. We offer the "Universal Pickle - 8100 Assembly" which has the plastic housing filled with silicone gel. The silicone gel completely occludes the cavity of the plastic housing virtually eliminating the possibility that environmental elements could enter the plastic housing causing corrosion or degradation of the components. When ordering the "Model 8500 Universal Pickle Assembly" specify if the machine is 12 VDC (battery powered) or any other voltage.
  • The 8100-01 plastic button housing is available in two colors: red or yellow. If you have machines at your club which operate on different voltage, i.e. 12 VDC (battery powered) or any other voltage, then to minimize confusion as to which "8100 Universal Pickle Assembly" to connect, we suggest the following:

A. RED housing used for 12 VDC (battery powered).
B. YELLOW housing used for all other voltages.