NOTE: The TriplexConnect is not designed for use with 120VAC or 220VAC power sources

TriplexConnect The TriplexConnect is a cord interface, which when connected to the machines on your Sporting Clays course, allows you to control TWO machines VIA one 3 wire cord connected to a ā€œUniversal Pickleā€, 3 button release.

You simply run a 3 wire extension cord, available at any home supply store, from the
ā€œUniversal Pickleā€ at your shooting station to the first machine, then a 2nd 3 wire extension cord to the second machine.

With the TriplexConnect devise mounted on your machines, you no longer need to run a cord from each machine to the shooting station, and have two different release buttons.

By connecting the two TriplexConnect devices to the ā€œUniversal Pickleā€ you have
independent control of each machine, plus true pair doubles. This is all accomplished without ā€œCross Talkā€ between the machines or the need to add diodes to eliminate the ā€œCross Talkā€.

The TriplexConnect is a potted, all weather device, integrated to a study aluminum
mounting plate. The plate has 4 holes to secure the TriplexConnect device to your machine.

The Three electrical connectors are chosen to accommodate standard 3 wire extension cords
available from any home supply store, 14ga or 16ga recommended.

NOTE: The TriplexConnect is not designed for use with 120VAC or 220VAC power sources

The TriplexConnect includes a PIGTAIL, which plugs into one of the leads labeled:

  • Machine #1
  • Machine #2

Then connect to the release cord of the machine on which it is mounted.

You can choose which button the machine will respond to by which lead, Machine #1 or
Machine #2, you plug the ā€œPIGTAILā€ into.

The following components are recommended for one station, with two machines:

  • One Universal Pickle: or "Universal Pickle-8100 Assembly."
  • 2 each TriplexConnect devices.
  • 2 each extension cords (customer supplied).
Please refer to the diagrams to the right for further details on this revolutionary product.