Black and Ivy Repeater Image The Repeater transfers the signal from the hand held Transmitter to the Receivers on the machines. It will typically be installed at each station on a sporting clay course, at the scoring station on five-stand, or a central location on a FITASC layout. The Repeater has a range of about 150 yards, and does not require line-of-sight to the machine Receiver.

When used on a sporting clays course, it allows the customer to use only one Transmitter, carry it from station to station, and control the machines at each station. The only time the Transmitter would be dedicated to a shooting station, would be during a tournament.

The interface between the Transmitter and the Repeater is wireless, regardless if used on sporting clays, five-stand, or FITASC.

The Repeaters are powered by an accompanying battery box with a solar panel, easily mounted adjacent to the Repeater.

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