Universal Pickle

Universal Pickle by Black and Ivy If you are tired of rebuilding your pull cords, then leap into the future of pull cord technology with the Black & Ivy ā€œUniversal Pickle,ā€ and eliminate one of the weak links in your gun club profits.

What is the ā€œUniversal Pickleā€?

  • It is a solid state assembly that will control ANY machine: i.e.: 12vdc, 28vac/dc, 120vac, 120vac-solenoid release.
  • It will control TWO 12vdc machines without cross talk.
  • It will also control a 12vdc machine AND a 120vac machine from the same pull cord.
  • It will accommodate all your machine control requirements.
  • No mechanical moving parts. It is an integrated assembly that retrofits into a standard
  • Winchester #V400 release housing.It is a ONE piece assembly that includes the cover, cover gasket, membrane switches, and the solid state components. The electronic components are encapsulated by an epoxy potting material that protects them from moisture and impact.

Installation is easy:

  • Remove the old cover assembly and cover gasket, and discard.
  • Remove the micro switch assembly, and discard.
  • Connect the three wires to the ā€œUniversal Pickleā€ terminals.
  • Screw down the assembly to the V400 housing with the included screws.
  • Installation complete.

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